Article Style Guide


Veterans Reporter News Style Guide 2016

Provided below are a series of rules for article submission.

Articles can be submitted as text within an email pasted as text, or saved with a .txt (unformatted text document), .docx or .doc (Microsoft Word file) and Google Docs. All submissions to be sent in a text. This means no scans, photocopies, faxes, image files such as but not limited to .jpg, .bmp, .pdf, etc … Submit in Times New Roman 12 point. Do not indent, leave spaces between paragraphs, single spaced. Use only one space between each word and each sentence. No double spaces between sentences.

Word count  Aim for 550 words unless otherwise requested from the publisher. This would include headline, byline, photo captions and body of article for 550 total (give or take a couple of words – don’t stress if you submitted 552 or 548 words)

Always use original content. We do check it and if is copied word-for-word, we will send it back to you and we will not use it. The ONLY exception are quotes (actually spoken by the person)

AP Style 

Do not use first person examples (I, me, we, us)
Do not use second person (you, your)
Addresses – Full address, abbreviate STREET, AVENUE AND BOULEVARD ONLY – spell out all of the others
Example – 1234 N. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 100
1234 Jones Road
1234 Smith Drive
If no addresses, spell out everything
It is on the corner of Jones Road and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Times New Roman Bold 18 point font
example – Publisher Phelps Regards New Writers as a Breath of Fresh Air
Capitalize the first letter of the headline – DO NOT CAP ALL OF IT – PUBLISHER PHELPS DOES NOT LIKE THIS
words (a, the, an, as, or, of, ect..) remain lower case
Do not include http://www. please use the following example – Visit to find out more about this event.

Graphics and photos
All images should be 300 dpi (dots per inch or ppi pixels per inch) to ensure proper print. Files should be attached as .jpeg, .tiff, .png or as originals in Photoshop .psd, saved as cmyk (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) if files are saved as rgb (red, green, blue) or as greyscale they will look different from screen to press. DO NOT EMBEDDED PHOTOS IN A WORD DOCUMENT. The entire article will be send back to you. Photos must be submitted as a separate file attached to the email. For larger photos, use It is a free service to send large photo files.

We cannot use photos from any social media, even if it is your page and you took the photo. Photos posted on social media are not big enough for print. We cannot use photos from other people’s social media pages. Photos submitted must be taken by you or someone with you.

Photo Captions 
We always need names unless it is a crowd shot.

If there are only two people are in the photo:
John Smith, director of nonprofit agency and Jill Scott, president of agency, pose together during the Veterans Award ceremony.

If more than two people:
From left: John Smith, John Smith, director of nonprofit agency; Jill Scott, president of agency and Bill Jones, assistant director, pose together during the Veterans Award ceremony.

Be certain to give us file name as well if more than one photo is sent:
LV_Parade_2015.jpg – Mayor Carolyn Goodman waves to the crowd seated in a pink cadillac as it makes it way through the parade route.

Words of importance and always capped- Marine, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Veteran. We use titles before names such as Dr. Jones and General Smith. For a president, whether current or past, the first time is President Barack Obama and then Mr. Obama. We also refer to Senator Black and Congresswoman Titus.

Dates – Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day not February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Do not use the current year (Feb. 14, 2016 is Valentine’s Day is WRONG). It is Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day. The month only is spelled out – February can be cold in Las Vegas. Use a year other than a current year. Pearl Harbor was bombed on Dec. 7, 1941.

Numbers – 1-9 are always spelled out (one to nine) and numerals are used from 10 up. For dollar amounts, it is $1,000 (use comma). Anything over a million is $1 million dollars. Exceptions are ages (He is 7 years old.) and measurements (It is 9 miles and 3 acres.) Also measurements are written 12-feet-by-9-feet (with hyphens).