Albertson’s Re-Grand Opening


By Linda D. Scott  • Photos By Su Phelps

On August 2, 2017, the Albertsons store located at 7559 Flamingo Rd. here in Las Vegas had its grand reopening. Ms. Su Phelps, Editor and Photographer from the Veterans Reporter News had attended. The store was originally opened here at this address in 2004. In attendance was Mr. Bob Miller, District Manager of Albertsons and Ms. Beverly McCartney, Store Director of the store. McCartney was the stores director on the original opening day of the store also. McCartney looked out and stated that the community had grown since the day she first opened the store.

The festivities this morning were officiated by McCartney.  She first thanked the team of Albertson’s employees who prepared the store for the reopening. She also thanked the team who did the actual renovations.  Then she thanked the community for their loyalty to the store. She acknowledged and thanked both the Del Sol High School Mariachi Band and the Police and Fire Emerald Society Band who had performed earlier.

McCartney presented the following organizations with grants from the Albertson’s Foundation: Del Sol High School Mariachi Band was given $3000. Mickey Young Hayes Elementary School was given $2500. The American Legion was given $3000. The Police and Fire Band were given $2500. Lastly, Ober Elementary School was awarded $2500 The organizations honored gave short speeches thanking Albertson’s for their assistance with these particular programs.

McCartney and Miller both cut the ribbon, which represented the actual re-grand opening of this Albertson store. McCartney then invited everyone to go inside and see how store had been remodeled, as well as enjoying samples of different foods which, were being given away in the store.

The re-grand opening was a joyous celebration and Albertsons was of thanking the community for their support.