American Legion Post 149 Donates A New Flag and Plaque to Roadkill Grill


By: Megan Way and Su Phelps Photos by Su Phelps and Lawrence Oravetz

On Dec 19th, Roadkill Grill placed their new plaque under their new commercial flagpole. Both were donated by American Legion Post 149, as a way to give back all the support they’ve been given by Roadkill Grill. Chuck Frommer, the current owner of Roadkill Grill had always given the Post his support.

Originally, American Legion Post 149’s Past Commander Tim Gomez wanted to do something for Roadkill Grill. Post 149 has already previously given Roadkill Grill plaques, but Post 149’s Adjutant, Victor Moss said, “We gotta go big”. The members of Post 149 came up with the idea of donating a flag pole to Roadkill grill and coincidently, Chuck Frommer was thinking of getting a commercial flag pole as well! So Post 149 members decided on spending the money to give Roadkill Grill a commercial flagpole.

Post 149 also reached out to Bunkers Mortuaries, Cemeteries and Crematory asking for support as well. Bunkers Mortuaries sold them a nice granite plaque to go with the new flagpole. Everyone involved came to Roadkill Grill on Dec 19th to see new plaque placed, by Bunkers Mortuaries as well, under their new flagpole.