Arming Teachers in a school is a DUMB Idea


By Dr. Tom Waters, Lt. Colonel, USAF (Ret)

Whether it is a Democrat, Republican, or Independent politician saying it, it is a DUMB idea to “arm” teachers in a school. I’ve heard our President repeat it several times and I still say it is a DUMB idea.

Training and a bonus for “gun toting” teachers will NOT change this DUMB idea into a GOOD idea. A very high percentage of school administrators, teachers, political leaders of both major political parties, parents, have also stated using a variety of words that this is a DUMB idea.

I am very comfortable with weapons of war or weapons of protection. I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I am a gun owner. I have a “concealed carry” permit. I spent 32 years in the military on Active Duty and received the Expert Ribbon for maximizing the qualifications with the M-16 (AR-15) assault rifle, the 38-caliber pistol, and the 9 mm pistol. I was a college Director of Education, a High School teacher, a High School and Middle School Principal. I was a member of the NRA (but cancelled my membership 4 years ago because of their DUMB recommendations like arming teachers). And, with all of this in my background, I still say that arming teachers in school is a DUMB idea.

Senator Marco Rubio said it well and repeated my fears if this DUMB idea gets any traction at all. He said in essence, “If SWAT comes into a serious situation like a school shooting and there is an adult with a gun, then bad and unfortunate things can happen.” Many other politicians have used similar scenarios to agree that it is a DUMB idea.

Plain clothes police detectives say that their worst fear is being shot by the arriving uniformed or other plain clothes officers. We should NEVER put teachers in that situation.

We MUST remember that the primary job of our teachers is teaching. Let’s find a way to protect our students and their schools while allowing teachers to teach.

I just can’t say it enough, “Arming Teachers in a school is a DUMB Idea.”