by David Boyd Somerville, Public Relations and Recruitment Officer

In 1981, Veterans Roger Downey, Purdy McLeod and John Rogers met during a Highland Games Festival in North Carolina. They noted that many attendees to the Games wore their combat ribbons, signifying their prior service in the U.S. Military. They decided to form the Scottish-American Military Society. The main purpose of the Society would be to form an organization through which Veterans could meet and exchange information about their own personal military experiences.

Today, S.A.M.S. boasts a regular membership of over 4500 men and women Veterans and over 500 life members as well as honorary members. They have 45 posts and 5 camps spread across the United States; two of which are in the Las Vegas area. Not only has their membership increased, their objectives have widened to include “promoting Scottish-American Armed Forces customs, traditions and heritage.”

The Scottish-American Military Society welcomes retired and soon-to-be retired officers and enlisted men and women and their spouses to join them at their regular meetins and activities and become members of this proud, ethnic military veterans’ organization. Bag pipers are especially welcome to join to help with ceremonial occasions .

Veterans are invited to follow in the footsteps of Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Douglas MacArthur, Neil Armstrong and others to celebrate their Scottish-American military heritage.

Contact Post 711 Commander, Ed Gilmore, at 702-301-4080 for further information.