Brothels and Petitions:


Letter to the Editor: by Dr. Tom Waters Lt. Col. USAF (Ret)

I keep reading Letters to the Editor and other comments “Pro and Con” about the PETITIONS that are circulating throughout Pahrump and Nye County that could determine the future of the Brothels in Nye County. Yes, there is excitement on BOTH sides of the issue and some tempers are flaring about the rights of people to visit (or NOT visit) the Brothels as a choice. So, we hear, “Leave them alone” on one side and “Get them out of Nye County” on the other side.

There is talk that signing the Petition will deprive “working girls” of a livelihood and destroy the County funds provided for our Veterans. I’ve listened to all of the Gloom and Doom with the belittling of our residents who are circulating and/or signing the Petitions.

Those who are opposed to the Petitions say we don’t need the Petitions because they will destroy legal prostitution in Nye County. On the other side, those pushing the Petitions say we want to eliminate “Human and Sex trafficking” and “exploitation of women.”

Well, let me give ALL OF YOU the REAL and REST of the Story. Our nation was built on the FACT that we have the right to decide most issues for ourselves. That came with the right to vote our conscience. So, why is this issue any different?

How many of you voted to allow Brothels in Nevada that include Nye County? How many of you would like the opportunity to vote to either “keep the Brothels” or vote to “send them packing?” Is it fair to voice your right to your opinion while depriving others of the right to their opinion? Is that the American way?

It really seems strange to me that some people who preach CHOICE are very comfortable with denying others their RIGHT to choose by voting YEA or NAY on Brothels.

BOTTOM LINE: The simple FACT remains that IF the required signatures are received for the Petitions, the ONLY result is that the item will be placed on the November Ballot and EVERYONE that is registered to vote in Nye County will have the opportunity to vote their conscience during the General Election. The results by the voters of the November referendum will make the determination if changes are to occur.

Getting an ULCER now (in May 2018) will NOT change anything. Just listen, read, and research by doing your homework so you can make an informed decision. STOP demonizing our residents, regardless of their opinion on this issue.

MY OPINION: Signing the Petition says to me that EVERYONE has a right to their opinion and the RIGHT TO VOTE. You have the RIGHT to agree or disagree with MY opinion and that is YOUR opinion.

I have friends on BOTH sides of this issue and I encourage signing the petition to place it ON the November Ballot so EVERYONE has an opportunity to demonstrate their Constitutional RIGHT and vote. And, finally, let’s remember that the final vote (if it gets that far), will determine “the will of the people.”