Business Basics Column • “Capabilities Statement 101”


By: Kathleen Taylor, Nevada Women’s Business Center

A Capabilities Statement is a snapshot of your company that serves as a resume for your business. A Capabilities Statement is used to highlight:

  • Specific information about your company
  • Features your area of expertise
  • Showcases a concise portfolio of your business

Why do you need a Capabilities Statement?

  • Use it as a tool to communicate the benefits of your products and services
  • Provides you leverage against competitors
  • Gives you an effective way to respond to contracts, bids, RFPs, quotes

Who Needs your Capabilities Statement?

  • Government officials
  • Procurement Officers
  • Small business Specialists/Liaison
  • Supplier/Diversity Specialists
  • Company Buyers/Purchasers
  • Prime Contractors

What is included in a Capabilities Statement?

  • Introduction and company overview
  • Core competencies
  • Description of products & services
  • Highlight major clients/projects
  • Specific codes
  • Contact Information

Content & Format Tips

  • Title it exactly how it is: “Capabilities Statement”
  • One page in length
  • Simple and professional
  • Short sentences
  • Bullet points
  • Available in PDF format
  • Create a specific version for your audience

Use this Link to see a Sample of a Capabilities Statement:

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