Business Operations: An Overview


By: Kathleen Taylor, Nevada Women’s Business Center

Business Operations’ processes are different for retail, manufacturing, and service businesses – but the underlying idea is the same for all businesses, big and small.

Every business undergoes some version of this process. Some companies are better at it than others, which become a competitive advantage for those small companies that learn to do this well. In business, operations processes transform inputs to outputs.

Inputs are things like raw materials, labor, equipment, information, and money.

  • Purchasing – suppliers and vendors
  • Materials Management – supply chain
  • Personnel – management, knowledge, production, efficiency
  • Quality Control – consistency

Outputs are products or services, and customer satisfaction.

  • Quality assurance
  • Customer service
  • Follow up and evaluation of outputs

As you can see, an operations process is linear. The inputs go through a transformation stage and become outputs.

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What is an operations process?