By Cheri Fisher photos by Su Phelps

On September 16th 2017 the Conservative Alliance for Community Growth and Founders Academy of Las Vegas hosted the CONSTITUTION DAY CELEBRATION at the Governor Building across from Cashman Field. This celebration is to commemorate the signing of the Constitution of September 17th1787. Presentation of Colors by Nellis Air Force Base Honor Guard and the pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem were performed by Peggy Micco-Koning. The Master of Ceremony was Lt. Col David Gibbs, USAF (ret)

The Founders Academy’s Principle Rick Fick welcomed everyone and explained a little bit about the academy which provides the most time-tested method of educating students and at the same time delivers the most cutting-edge education in America.

The Conservative Alliance for Community Growth is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit conservative outreach organization working with residents, schools, businesses and community leaders. These two organizations have been hosting the celebration since 2011.

The keynote speaker was Rear Admiral, Kathleen M. Dussualt, USN, (Ret). She spoke about the memorial and how it is privately funded and recognizes the struggles of our nation’s 241 years not only for the military but also their families.

Randolph Voyard speech was about “It’s Just War” told about how we are who we are today because of war-not the fight, but because Americans had ideas and beliefs that are worth fighting for.

Also a beautiful poem read by Victoria Seaman former state Assemblyman called “AN ARMY WIFE’S PROMISE” written by Megan Williams. The entire poem will be showcased in November’s issue (these are just a few lines)

“I cannot promise that I will not become frustrated when you leave me and the world seems to fall apart around me. I cannot promise that I will not curse those who sent you when the dryer breaks. But I can promise that for as many tears of sadness and frustration and anger that are shed there will be double that of tears of pride. I will be strong for you as you are strong for me and I will carry you with me in every moment until you sandy boots again sit just inside our door.”