Downtown Vegas Alliance, city of Las Vegas Host Panel on Homelessness


On May 3rd, the City of Las Vegas and Bank of America partnered with the Downtown Vegas Alliance (The Alliance), a nonprofit organization comprised of downtown business owners. They conducted a community forum focused on homelessness here in Las Vegas. Mayor Carolyn Goodman spoke of the pathway of opportunity that the communities have to offer the homeless and the dignity that they so richly deserve. She also spoke about not only being driven but working together to find the results that is also greatly needed. She also spoke of the San Antonio, Texas Haven for Hope that should be the foundation for us to work toward.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Kenny Wilson, nationally recognized homelessness leader, shared his insights as president and CEO of Haven for Hope, a 22-acre campus offering shelter and a wide range of services for homeless individuals and families in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Wilson spoke about The Haven for Hope and all the amenities that are available there. He also said that what has surprised him is two things; one is that it is bigger and more complicated than he thought, not only Haven for Hope, but also the homeless situation in the United States. The second thing is mental health; everyone who has been through Haven for Hope has had some sort of mental disability. At Haven for Hope they find out what has happened to them, and not asking what is wrong with them.

The City of Las Vegas building was filled with informational booths from all the local charities and the shelters, telling what they can provide.