Gen. Holmes Sketches Multi-Domain Warfare; A-10 Wings Funded in ’19



WASHINGTON: The Air Force and Army couldn’t start an important set of tabletop wargames last week because of the government shutdown.

Air Force Gen. Mike Holmes revealed the information when he disclosed today that the Air Force was starting multi-domain war games to hammer out how the land and air services would work together in a high-intensity fight with Russia.

Now, being forced to reschedule these isn’t the end of the world, but it’s a very good example of the waste and confusion that Congress causes when it fails to pass appropriations bills, especially the one that really matters to the Constitution — defense.

In other news, Holmes said there is money in the fiscal 2018 budget to “reopen the wing contract” to rebuild the wonderful Warthog. There’s also money — though he didn’t say how much — in the coming fiscal 2019 budget to buy more wings. He said the previous wing contract with Boeing was no longer “cost effective.” The Air Force, Holmes said, would be flying A-10s through the 2030s, at least. How many of the 281 aircraft will they be flying? Holmes said he’s “not sure.”