By Cheri Fisher, Photos by Su Phelps

Help USA is a transitional housing authority in Las Vegas that has been in the business of providing housing for the Veterans in the area for 20 years. Regional Director Steven Silverman has been with the organization for the last 5 years and initiated this year this year The Thanksgiving Dinner along with the City Mission of Las Vegas. They provided a hot Turkey dinner for around 400 people.

Help USA is based in New York City and the Las Vegas branch has 4 facilities here in the valley, which provides temporary housing for both disabled and homeless Veterans that need it. The disabled Veterans program allows them a home for as long as they need it, and there is another program which allows Veterans that are in transition between housing and or jobs a safe place to stay until they get situated. They help between 200 to 225 Veterans annually, and are there to help when needed.

City Mission of Las Vegas is a not-for-profit organization which provides family food boxes, bags of hope, hot meals, access to shelter, serviceable used clothing, household items, and Spiritual help. Their purpose is to serve the needy, feed the hungry, and give hope to the hopeless.