By Bruce Merrin

U.S. Army Ranger Gary O’Neal survived torture, Vietnam, life-threatening injuries and wars in Central and South America. He witnessed the murder of his own family during a civil war as retribution for his activism.  Gary takes his experience on the battlefield to the streets of America in a quest to bring redemption to the hearts and minds of America’s next generation. Epidemic violence is a disease that must be stopped. News of his personal “warpath” rallies youth across the nation to fight, not against each other, but for their own successful futures. Kids respond to his electrifying talk-encounters as demonstrated in a heartfelt letter he received from Ellis High School students in Ellis, Kansas to thank him for “fighting for our country” and especially, for them!

Challenging the youth of America, school to school, coast to coast is a critical mission with a fascinating history.

Gary warns in his book American Warrior, The True Story of A Legendary Ranger, “One learns that a personal blood vendetta triggers war without ending it. We see that every day in our inner cities fueled by drugs and alcohol addiction that bars these kids from any life enforcing military service. Yes, life enforcing, because the will to survive is heightened in combat, no matter how grisly the conditions.”

Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Bob Howard commanded Gary O’Neal to lead a new mission with the youth of America. A soldier’s deathbed legacy from Howard that now lives forever. The power of Gary’s motivational message resounds through the corridors of our schools inspiring youth. Drawing from his incomparable Ranger training, he teaches resistance against the “enemy”: self-destructive habits, gang violence, lack of respect for home, parents and education. The most important enemy to conquer is lack of self-worth.  He engages his young audience beyond words using visual imagery drawn from his expertise as a purposeful American Warrior Free Fighter. Gary shares his inspirational gifts and teachings that he has now applied to everyday life and survival for today’s youth.

As an Army Ranger Hall of Fame inductee, Gary’s unique background and experience enable his young audiences to engage with him and truly absorb his urgent message.  He is inspired by unconventional warfare, the legendary max-force teaching used by the Green Berets. He has also mastered Hand-To-Hand combat. He calls it “American Warrior Free Fighting