Hunter Cain Announces his Candidacy


By: Noah Fischel
Former Comgresswoman Dina Titus senior staffer and Director of Community Outreach Services Hunter Cain has officially announced and celebrated his candidacy for Clark County Commissioner in District C at his community BBQ and kickoff along with almost 100 supporters.
Hunter Cain stated, “I feel that on the County level, not enough attention is paid to underserved or struggling programs and communities. As a combat veteran I want to be the voice for Veterans, where there are no county services. As a foster parent, I want to modernize our foster care program and Juvenile Justice system. We need county wide innovations with CCSD, transportation and programs that seem to be missing the mark. As a Veteran and member of the LGBTQ and Black communities I want to bring a diversity to the commission that is lacking.”
Hunter Cain’s career began in the military, enlisting, and being deployed a month after September 11, 2001. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and later was redeployed for Operation Enduring Freedom. His time in the military instilled a sense of service and responsibility. Hunter was honorably discharged in 2010 and has a 90% disability rating stemming from his years in service. By 2014, Hunter was a full time staffer for Congresswoman Dina Titus, first as her Veterans Services caseworker, but moving up to also add Outreach Director as one of his various titles in the district office. In the time he spent with the Congresswoman, he was responsible for resolving $2 million worth of veterans cases in the congressional district. Hunter worked with various LGBTQ groups and was instrumental in the Southern Nevada VA Hospital becoming 100% HRC compliant in its treatment of LGBTQ veterans. Hunter also worked, after the repeal of DOMA and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, to change the registered genders of discharged service members, many moving from other than honorable to honorable discharge. In 2015, Hunter began taking classes to become a foster parent, and in 2016, began fostering Higher Level of Care (HLOC) teens. A year later, he was able to adopt one of his foster boys and is currently fostering to adopt his second.
You can find more information about Hunter’s campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching CainForC or visiting