Jim Parker Day


By: Megan Way | Photos by Su Phelps
June 29th is a special appreciation day for a certain veteran in the Valley. At 97 years old Jim Parker is a World War II veteran who served in the Air Force and U.S. Army Air Corps, with 49 years of flying experience and 23,000 flight hours logged. On June 29th he was surrounded by friends, family along with elect officials and representatives celebrating his service, also known as Jim Parker Day.
The food has been prepared by the nonprofit Classy Chefs Club. Chef Nancy Wiegand, Amy Redd and Carrie Baird have been preparing the food for the event for 3 weeks. Luckily, none of their hard work went to waste, any leftover food was donated to Veterans Village.
Parker’s friends and neighbors Richard and Nelson set the whole day for him at Sun City Aliante Community Center. Nelson says, “Parker deserves it, he’s a true American hero and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for him.