JWV 65 Monthly Meeting

Ed Kranson, Co- Chairman of 2017 Convention, Istallation Officer

By Linda D. Scott

On September 3, 2017, JWF 65 held their meeting to discuss some off the upcoming events. They discussed the fact that their benefactors kept them from being evicted. The members were told that veterans who needed assistance should go to the Veterans (VA) Community Resource and Referral Center (CRRC) in the Northeast.

It was also reported that the Fisher House at the Veterans Hospital was going to receive two brand new 2017 Ford SUV’s which JWV post 65 assisted in acquiring the vehicles for them along with two other benefactors. This prompted others to consider this option.

JWV Post 65 is well known in the community for the help they have given to the veterans through the years, either directly or through other organizations. The speaker also asked for volunteers to go out into the community to collect donations. Due to the ages of the members, some of them are unable attend any loner due to illness or other problems. The meeting was then closed.

We appreciate your service.