JWV Post 65, 21 and 64’s Poppy Drive



By: Megan Way Photos by: Su Phelps and Lawrence Oravetz

The familiar red paper poppy, a symbol from World War I, memorialized in a poem written in 1915 by John McCrae about Flanders Field, Belgium, where, in 1914, American soldiers were engaged in battle in the fields of poppies that grew there. JWV Posts 65, 21, and 64 have done Poppy drives by Smith’s, and Walmart. Even though they were all giving out poppies and asked people to donate, they each used the donations for different veteran supporting organizations. Each Post gave a statement on how they spent donations.

JWV Post 65: Members have generously volunteered over 150 hours during past Memorial and Veteran’s Day Poppy Drives. The money we collect is donated to organizations who provide desperately needed services for needy veterans in Southern Nevada without regard to race or religion. The donations support US Vets providing homeless veterans with housing, food, clothing, and job training. Michael’s Angel Paws, who train and provide service dogs to help veterans cope with PTSD and other psychological and emotional needs of the Nevada State Veteran’s Home, Fisher House at the VA Hospital, enabling family members to be close to a loved one at their most stressful times; USO at the McCarran Airport; and money we provide to help veterans who are about to be evicted from their apartments or cannot pay their utility bill.

JWV Post 21: The Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America is a not for profit, non-sectarian, Veterans Organization that has as its mission to support all the veterans in the Las Vegas area. The Jewish War Veterans, Greenspun-Radin Post 21 has chosen to support the needy veterans. S.Vets, The Fisher House at the VA Hospital Campus, The Honor Flight, The Veterans Home and the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder City, and the Veterans Assistance League. To accomplish our self-imposed mission, the Post conducted their Poppy Drive this November. All of the funds raised during this Poppy Drive are used to support the needy veterans organizations above.

JWV Post 64: On November 12th, Macy’s Summerlin gave a $2500 Grant to the Kline Veterans Fund to be used to assist Las Vegas Veterans in need. This 100% volunteer managed Fund assists in serving homeless, indigent and at-risk veterans and their families. The Kline Fund mission “is to obliterate the disgraceful stain of Veteran homelessness from the soul of our nation. A veteran who has honorably fulfilled his or her commitment deserves a home, adequate health care and respect”. See www.klineveteransfund.com for more information an opportunity to donate.