Las Vegas Attorney Releases New Book


“A revealing, real-life courtroom drama, reminiscent of A Few Good Men.”

Las Vegas Attorney and Iraq War Veteran, Craig W. Drummond recently published a new book titled, Saving Sandoval, that details his defense of a U.S. Army Sniper charged with murder in Iraq.

While deployed to the most dangerous area in Iraq known as the “Triangle of Death,” Specialist Sandoval, an airborne infantryman and elite sniper, was instructed to “take the shot” and kill an enemy insurgent wearing civilian clothes. Two weeks later, Army investigators descended upon Sandoval’s unit and began interrogating the soldiers, trying to link Sandoval and others to war crimes, including murder.

Then Captain Drummond was the Army JAG military defense attorney assigned to Sandoval’s case. The new book covers the events from the moment the trigger is pulled on the battlefield through the trial that took place in a U.S. military compound on the outskirts of Baghdad during the height of the enemy uprisings in Iraq.

SAVING SANDOVAL is available now on Craig W. Drummond is a Las Vegas attorney practicing in Personal Injury and Criminal Defense. He received the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq. More information about the author can be found at