Letter to the Veterans


By Carol Capitani

I need help with Illinois bill SB 0087 I talk to a worker in Barbara Currie Office when the bill was in the 100th session, it was I would like this amends the Property tax code. Provides that for the 2015 taxable year and thereafter, the exemption for veterans with disabilities carries over to the surviving spouse of a veteran who was killed in the line of duty in the current taxable year or any preceding taxable year. Provides that, for the 2016 taxable year and thereafter, the exemption for veterans with disabilities carries over to the surviving spouse of a veteran who did not obtain the exemption before death but who would have qualified for the exemption in the current taxable year if he or she had survived. Effective immediately. Bill past the ill senate but still waiting for the house to pass bill is not past yet house of rep in Illinois, it instilling in the rule committee, for about going on 6 months, am sending you what happen in my husband case he appeals in 2010 and had to wait to get them, but he passed away in 2014. his benefits began in April 2010 but did not receive his rating for disability until July 2016 when we first receive the rating a total of 155 percent, if he would have the result of the rating disability while he was alive we would have applied then, while he was still living.

He died with the service connected disabilities listed on his death certificates. He died just like the man that dies in service, his death was caused by his serviced disabilities rating I am now going on 80-year-old and would appreciate your help in getting this. I got DIC benefit, and for his service connected disabilities from April 2010 until death I still am collecting my DIC, enclose is a letter I have been sending to some veteran organizations, he died just like the man that die in service, his death was caused by his service connected disabilities.

To whom it may concern: I am trying to get the Illinois exemption property tax for veteran surviving spouse. We file in April 2010 and it took until the end of June 2016 to get the dic and disabilities going. My husband died in March of 21, 2014, we did not get a hearing until May of 2015, about a week late we receive a letter saying that he had service connected disabilities. We did not get a rating letter until end of June 2016.The letter stated my dic compensation would be pay monthly and also come to pay me the survivor wife the amount that was accumulated. The letter said he has the total rating came to 155%, for service connected disabilities. We went to apply for the property exemption and they say they did not think we could get it because he was dead, we could not apply earlier because we did not know the rating, but a spouse who husband died in service could get the exemption, my husband died because of a service connected illness, what is the different. He served from Aug of 1954 until Aug 1957. The years of his life were hard for him, problems not be able to walk at times and falling, he died from a service connected disability, I believe I should be entitle to the property tax exemption my husband passed, but still had rated as a person able to be exemption from the property tax. Is this fair the back log is long and it not easy waiting. Please contact calls your local state of Ill. senator and local house reps not you US senator, have them ask to change the wording on a person that died while waiting for his rating that he should be entitle the exemption for property tax, let the person who waiting for his rating get it, if he dies what about a person waiting for their rating so they can receive the property tax exemption for their self and spouse. Thank you. Please look at this site for the state of Illinois, www.military.com/benefits/veteran-state-benefits/illinois-state-veterans-benefits.html Illinois,www.military.com/benefits/veteran-state-benefits/illinois-state-veterans-benefits.html