Merging Vets and Players is a non-profit organization that Merges Veterans and former professional athletes (Players) to tackle the transition from the elite level back into society. MVP offers free boot camp workouts that combine strength training with team and individual drills that push physical limits. Each MVP meeting also focuses on strengthening the mind, heart and soul through an open dialogue post-workout group chat.  Participants are able to openly share their struggles, accomplishments, and emotions.

MVP-Las Vegas currently has about 50 members attending regularly.  In the next 90 days, MVP would like to focus on outreach.  Community awareness is paramount in saving Veterans’ and Players’ lives after they leave their former teams.  Randy Couture, MVP Board Member, Army Veteran and MMA Hall of Famer:

Most people don’t understand what it’s like to have your life and livelihood wrapped up in a singular endeavor.  The training, mindset, focus and challenges become part of who you are as a person.  Your very existence is on that field and it doesn’t matter if it is a battlefield or a football field.  We share a warrior’s spirit, an innate understanding of commitment and a lie spent in pursuit of excellence.  We also know what it feels like to walk away from that life for one reason or another.  It is the recognition of this shared understanding and the belief that these two groups of warriors can help each other cope with the challenges that face an altered existence.  Through MVP we will help each other find a happy life after fighting for what we love.

When the uniform comes off, MVP is providing a new team for these warriors to join.  In Las Vegas, MVP meets every Thursday from 2-4pm at Extreme Couture MMA, 4055 W. Sunset Rd.  MVP gives both Veterans and Players a renewed sense of purpose and a new team to help open doors as they pursue their next mission in life.  For more information about MVP-Las Vegas, visit or contact Noel Huerta at