Military One Source Conference Nellis Air Force Base


By Cheri Fisher and Su Phelps Photos by Su Phelps

Nellis Air Force Base hosted the Military One Source Conference on September 30 where throughout the day a lot of supporters attended. Master of ceremony was Colonel Paul J Murray 99th Air Base Wing Commander who introduced the speakers for the event.

One of the speakers was SR Master Sergeant Rickie Mack who explained about the 99th LRS core and that they deliver aviation fuel to the advance combat training for large forces.

Tec Sergeant Britney Rosen NCO in charge of Transportation NTTR explained about the facilities that are in the Nellis Area.

John S Lannefeld, LT Col (Ret), USAF Retiree Council spoke on how The Military Coalition provides 30 different military organizations help in Washington DC to see that legislation is forth coming for our military retirement community. He also said that the benefits are being eroded for the retirees and active duty military, and that they need to take time to contact their councilman with their needs. He also stated that less than 17% of congress has ever served in the military and it is important to keep the pressure on them so they understand the mission of the military and they continue to support their officials.

There were numerous booths at the event from the Mike O’Callaghan Military Hospital that explained what their operations are and how to get help; The Dentist Clinic has screening in June and July for new patience for active duty, retirees and their dependants, they also have an appreciation day for retirees for screening also. The 99th Medical Surgical Operation Squad had a nice display of the Cardio Pulmonary Group. And we did a nice interview with Lisa Jackson from the lab explaining the blood testing for different things for the retirees and active military and dependants free of charge. You can call the hospital at (702) 653-2273 for more information about any of these services. Henderson Vet Center also explained what they are all about.

The USO provided lunch and drinks for all the patrons that was there.

Some other booths at the event were The Air Force Security forces which are the fraternal organization for the Air Force Military Police, Secretary Ed Gardner, Treasurer Sam Noce and Assistant Vice president Robert Wedding explained a little bit about what they do, they are like the VFW, for the Air Force Police.

Other booths included the volunteers, Carol Anderson and Marcia Henry, from Twisted Needle Knockers, who work with the hospital, chapel and the home in Boulder City to make handmade gifts for the patience. Also on hand was the crew from One Nevada Credit union and Direct Lender, New American Funding. The DAV, rep Mr. Smith, VFW rep Tony Marshal, Post 76 American Legion Group, Woman’ vet member Bobbie Wo,