MOAA Southern Nevada Chapter


By Janet Snyder, Photos by Ken Hill

On March 22 Larry Ransom, President of TAPPS, spoke to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Southern Nevada Chapter at Palace Station Casino.

TAPPS is an organization that aims to restore the long-held tradition of a live, professional quality performance of “Taps” at the funerals of Las Vegas’ veterans. Currently the military is only able to provide an electronic recording of “Taps” in a model trumpet.

TAPPS wants to hire the best and brightest musicians Las Vegas has to offer to honor our Vets with a great performance and remember them in a manner true to their service and sacrifice. This performance is at no cost to the fallen veterans’ family.

In 2013, TAPPS President Lary Ransom and Secretary Gary Cordell were asked to perform a version of “Taps” known as “Echo Taps” at the funeral of Leonard Carpi, a B-29 Bomber pilot during WWII and grandfather to Mr. Ransom’s wife. So, moved by the performance, members of the honor guard and Mr. Carpi’s family expressed how they wished every veteran could get such a performance. As the year went on, Ransom, Durk and Cordell attended other services. Some had “Taps” performed by electronic bugle and others with live trumpeters. The difference was clear and so was the need to do something about it. On January 2nd, 2014 TAPPS became a non-profit corporation in the state of Nevada and is currently operating to fulfill its mission.

The following funeral homes currently accept requests for their service: Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City; Bunkers Funeral Home – or request directly via email at

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