It is important to pick an insurance that your choice of physician and your hospital takes. Remember – you can make the choice for better health care!

MountainView Medical Associates, located at 2880 N. Tenaya Way, Ste. 100, on the MountainView Hospital campus, is accepting New Traditional Medicare Clients from medical groups that recently stopped accepting this coverage. MountainView Medical Associates is currently able to offer appointments within the same week.

Traditional Medicare offers the broadest possible choice in doctors and other medical providers. More doctors and other providers accept original Medicare than private Medicare Advantage insurance. Private plans tend to be restricted to a home network, like an HMO doctor network.

If you want maximum flexibility when seeking medical specialists, under traditional Medicare, you don’t need prior authorization from a primary care doctor to see a specialist, whereas Medicare Advantage plans that are designated HMOs could require you to see a primary care doctor first. PPO plans would allow you to see a specialist without a referral, but seeing an out-of-network doctor or specialist would cost you more. Most Medicare Advantage plans are either HMOs or PPOs.

MountainView Medical Associates welcomes new patients. We are a full-service medical clinic offering Internal Medicine, Family Medicine & Dermatology and General Surgery.

Our clinic is staff by MountainView Hospital faculty, as well as our Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium residents. All of our highly-qualified medical residents are licensed as physicians and are teamed up with our MountainView faculty members to provide comprehensive care to our patients. Our goal is to provide exceptional patient care in an academic environment.

Our team of healthcare professional are committed to our patients and we strive to be your patient-centered medical home, helping guide and coordinate all aspects of your care.

Learn more at: or call us at (702) 962-9550.