by Dr Tom Waters

Andre “Butch” Harper was a man who believed in helping others. He was
nicknamed “Patches” because he collected military and first responder
patches for the collages he created for Children’s Hospitals. He would
also present ‘Act of Kindness Awards’ all across the country to thank
those who had done so much for others.

When “Butch” passed away in February 2015, it was Deanna O’Donnell (of
KPVM TV) who was determined to keep Butch’s “giving memory” alive.
With that determination, she asked Tom Waters (a friend of Butch) to
present the Award in Butch’s name. It was only appropriate to rename
the Award the “Butch Harper Act of Kindness Award.” Many awards have
since been handed out with the latest two awards being presented to
District Court Judges Kimberly Wanker and Robert Lane for their
multiple contributions to the people they serve.

To learn more about these awards, go to the “Andre Butch Harper’s Act
of Kindness Facebook page.