Remembering Margo


Memorial Service

18 August 2018- 1:30 PM (1330 hrs)

Liberty Center (Sun City Anthem Community Center)

2211 Somersworth Drive

Henderson NV 89044

Telephone 702 638 5780


3:30 on (1530 hrs)

Laura Schmitt/Al Guida Residence

2825 Soaring Peak Ave

Henderson NV 89052

Telephone 702 595 9716

Gate Entry #4208


Special Friends and Relatives

SFA Chapter LI- Las Vegas

China Post 1

MOAA Board

Margo, even with her affliction, has created a special place for herself with all who met her. She was the Special Spouse of Colonel James S. Hanke, whose life will be greatly lessened by her loss. As the reigning Matriarch of our family, all of us will miss her terribly.


General Religious Service

Comments by Friends/relatives

Transfer to Laura and Als’ House for social contact, food and beverage

Coordinates: Jim Hanke



2212 Lake Candlewood Drive

Henderson NV 89044

Skype- James.Hanke