August 10th, 2018 Senator Cortez Masto held a Press Roundtable. To tell everyone about what she’s been currently working on and also to answer questions from the media. She began the meeting by telling everyone she’s happy to talk about what she has been working on. In Washington and the State. With more and more people coming to Las Vegas, Senator Cortez Masto, so she’s working on funding for law enforcement. She doesn’t sit on HS but has friends who do.

A main concern in the Western states, wildfires. “What are you doing to address the wildfires in our communities” As Attorney General she’s used to this. Working with the governor, local jurisdictions, declaring disasters. She now works at a federal level and works with the local jurisdictions. Previously, when fires happened in the west, there wasn’t a pot of money set aside for addressing the fire management and fuel suppression. Traditionally, they gave the money to forest service, or BLM and when there was a fire they’d take that money out of the budget. There’s now a separate pot of money side aside for specifically fuel suppression and fire management. There are concerns about fires in Lake Tahoe too. They now have live cameras watching over Lake Tahoe that you can look at online. They’re looking to bring that system to other parks of the state as well.

“We’re gonna continue to support the research and the funding necessary for the new technology.”

She ended her part at the roundtable by asking, “What’s the most important issue right now?” She answered with healthcare. She thinks it’s a foundation that they need to improve upon.