By Su Phelps and Cheri Fisher, Photos by Su Phelps

On January 24, 2018 at The LIGHT Nightclub in Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino the Special Operations Charity Network held their annual Stand for America benefit concert. The concert featured Platinum Country Music artist Mark Willis, Outlaw Country Music Artist and former 2nd Bn U.S. Army Ranger Paul “Padre” Handelman, Adam Martin and Blackbird Anthem.

Bruce Merrin introduced, Ranger Hall of Fame Gary O’ Neal Author and Co Developer of Sere Course with the Special Operations Charity Network. Gary along with Dick Marcinko founder of Seal Team 6 and Red Cell, proudly present this exclusive event held during SHOT Show week which honors the men and women whose brave sacrifices ensure our safety.

Special Operations Charity Network is an organization whose core values are to empower and strengthen our Special Operations Community and their Families through innovative programs such as Exos and Oath.

It was a night filled with great entertainment for a very worthy cause. The goal this year is to be able to give proceeds to VEGAS STRONG and fund 10 Operators through Exos by raising fund through their benefits.