The first 22 Warriors Foundation golf fundraiser on October 20, 2017


By Nevada’s Men Club

The 22 Warriors Foundation was created to fight a tragic situation that is plaguing our veterans of military service; that is, the tragedy of suicide.  It is reported that every day at least 22 veterans are committing suicide, but our program of training and providing therapy dogs to these veterans is making a difference.  It is reported that 97% of veterans who have a service dog do not commit suicide, and have seen improvement in the quality of their lives. Please review our enclosed sponsorship brochure; we hope you will join our tournament as a sponsor. The Nevada Republican Mens Club is committed to organizing this event to make it a most special one.  We look forward to highlighting your business as a sponsor with the local media and the many veteran organizations throughout southern Nevada.  Participation in this event is doing more than just improving veterans lives, it is literally saving them. God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America.