The Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic


By: Janet Snyder

The Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic, Inc. is Congressionally Chartered, and is the oldest Women’s hereditary organization in the United States.  The original objectives of the organization included promotion of patriotism and loyalty to the Union, participation in community service, especially for the aid of our Veterans and their dependents.  Today’s objectives are still the same, with great emphasis on education and preservation of Civil War history.  This is accomplished through local school and community programs, monument and battlefield preservation, fundraising for memorial and dedication ceremonies, and involvement in local activities including patriotic holiday observances and parades.  The goal of The Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic is to teach patriotism and preserve the history of our ancestry.  This is our founding principle.  Together with other organizations, we are making a difference in our Country, one community at a time.