The Las Vegas Lights FC Game at Cashman Field


by Su Phelps and Megan Way, Photos by Su Phelps

On August 4th, Las Vegas Lights FC played a home game on Cashman Field, against the RGVFC and won their fourth straight home win. The first kick by Findlay Toyota GM John Barr to honor the game. He says he’s from England, the origin of soccer sport, and also his company, Findlay Toyota is one of the sponsors of the game.

“We want you to know that we are working every single day, blood, sweat, and tears for you guys and to give you guys what you deserve and thank you for sticking with us and today you know what, we’re gonna work hard and try to get that victory for you guys.” -Freddy Adu

Throughout the whole game, the Lights FC were being cheered on. By the full stadium of fans and supporter groups, Luz y Fuerza (Light and Strength) and the Electric Company. They play instruments, wave flags and even have their own logos. You’ll see them at the stands with their logoed banner. At the game, all the mascots in Las Vegas came to cheer the fans. With Cash the Soccer Rocker, the Light FC’s mascot, Hey Reb, the UNLV’s mascot, Chance, the Golden Knight’s mascot, Cosmo, the Las Vegas 51’s mascot, and Bucket$, the Aces’ mascot.

There were vendors at the tailgate party such as, the US Army recruiters, Jarritos, MetroPCS, Jameson Caskmates, Budlight, Project150, Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Las Vegas, Metro Police, courtesy of the Boston Dental Group, the first 2,000 kids 12 and under at the tailgate party got a free backpack, and Zappos. One of their biggest sponsors.

Going to the soccer great for a family outing, and affordable. A family of 4 we talked to only payed $25 dollars for tickets. You might want to pass on the soccer game snack vendors though (pretty expensive.) From a man who’s never missed a game in the Cashman field:

“Soccer is a global game and we are a global city, soccer will provide entertainment for our global and as well as our local residents.”