The Nevada Republican’s Men’s Club First Tuesday Monthly Luncheon


By Linda D. Scott

On September 5, 2017, a luncheon was held for the Republican Men’s Club at the Cili Restaurant inside the Bali Hai Golf Club Course in Las Vegas NV. Michael Schaefer, a politician who had moved from San Diego to Las Vegas in 1973, founded the Nevada Republican Men’s Club (NRMC), in 1981.

The guest speaker at the luncheon was Dan Schwartz, Nevada’s Republican Gubernatorial candidate for 2018. Dan has been the Nevada State Treasurer since January 0f 2015. He is an attorney and businessman who relocated to Las Vegas about 20 years ago. Schwartz stated he would like a female running mate although he has not name anyone at this time.

He feels that others may not be willing to serve a country, which has treated the veterans unfairly. Should he become Governor, he stated. “I will see to it that veterans are respected, that their hospitals are built, and that they receive better medical care”. He feels that these veterans made a commitment to us by putting on the uniform and putting their lives on the line, and it is now time for us to make a commitment to them. As a veteran himself, he feels that the plight of the veteran today is a problem for our country.

After Schwartz was interviewed, NRMC President Rod Carlone (RET US Navy Capt) spoke about his concerns. He feels that our national security is at risk due in part to the current treatment of the veterans in America today. He stated, “The American flag symbolizes peace and stability. Veterans need and deserve better treatment, care and representation.”

Schwartz has a plan on how he would better take care of the state of Nevada as the next Governor. We are all curious to see the outcome of the election. We appreciate your service.