The Women’s Memorial


Meet the newest Ambassador for the Women in Military Service For America Memorial Foundation in Nevada (Las Vegas area) Senior Master Sergeant Bobi Pike Oates, USAF, retired.

Ambassador Program Purpose:

  • To increase outreach and spread the word about the Memorial and its mission.
  • To connect with a broader base of military women and their communities than is possible from the Memorial’s physical location in the Washington DC area.
  • To ensure the service and sacrifice of the Nation’s military women is known and appreciated.
  • To serve our constituents – military women, past and present – and to educate and encourage the public and the next generations of women patriots.
  • To improve our communications networks.

To increase registrations in the data base of histories and stories of service that we curate as the ONLY Memorial Education Center dedicated to military women of all branches of service

Located at the ceremonial entrance to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington Virginia, the Women’s Memorial is the only national memorial honoring the service of Women of all military branches who have defended American throughout history. It proudly recognizes Women’s devoted patriotism and bravery as an integral part of our National heritage.  The exhibits and artifacts there highlight their service from the American Revolution through today.

The Mission is to:

^ Honor military Women – past present and future for their sacrifices in the defense of our Nation

^ Educate the public about their contribution and

^Empower Women with the personal stories and experiences of brave patriots from all walks of life who have chosen to serve the cause of freedom

^Remember those who have paved the way

And operate and maintain the Women in Military Service For America Memorial.

Funding has been a challenge the past 20 years and we are in danger of closing the doors next year.  We need your help to keep the Memorial open; there is a new generation of Women to honor. After 15 years of Women at war someone needs to honor their service and sacrifice; 161 killed in action and over 1,000 wounded in action.

With the recent unprecedented changes to Women’s roles in the military – someone needs to record this history, study its implications, and analyze its affects.

Bobi is your representative in Nevada, please reach out to her as a partner and resource to learn more about the Women’s Memorial and hope we can keep our only National Memorial honoring Women going for the next 20 years and beyond.

Bobi can be contacted at or 702-498-3045.