UNLV Senior Competition


By Cheri Fisher and Su Phelps, Photos by Su Phelps

The Fall Senior students had a competition on December 7th 2017, for their designs that they have been working on in Civil and Enviromental Engineering and Construction, Department of Computer Science, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Entertainment Engineering and Design and Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Students are assigned a problem project, work in teams to come up with a solution that will help remedy that problem.

Some of the ideas that they came up with this year was amazing. They designed things like a roving metal detector, breathable pavement, to a self-buttering toaster. Each team explained what their projects were, how they work and marketing strategies that they have proposed.

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction. is sponsored by Las Vegas Paving. Second prize goes to “Advanced Engineering Studies Building” First prize goes to “A Better Paradise”

Our second award is for Computer Science First prize goes to “Marco Polo App”

Our next award is for Electrical and Computer Engineering. sponsored by JT3. I’d like to thank and invite up to the podium Ralph Decker, JT3 Vice President and Range Manager for the Nevada Test and Training Range, to hand out the winning team awards. Second prize goes to “Atmospheric Monitoring Systems” First prize goes to “Pedestrian Lighting Guidance System”

Entertainment Engineering Design award sponsored by Cirque du Soleil Second prize goes to “Firelights” First prize goes to “Animatronic Sorting Hat” Mechanical Engineering. sponsored by Switch Second prize goes to “Polymer Knee Joint Cap Testing Machine” First prize goes to “Speed-O”

The Interdisciplinary award is sponsored by Rich Robotics and goes to teams with representatives from multiple departments within the College. First prize goes to “Toast.ER (Expertly Redesigned)”

The Commercial Potential Award sponsored by Cox Communications award goes to projects and teams that best embody the spirit of entrepreneurship in engineering. These projects have the best chance of entering the real-world market and solving an everyday engineering dilemma. Second prize goes to “OAR Pallet” First prize goes to “Smart Ballet Shoe”

The Sustainability award sponsored by NV Energy and is given to the group that finds the best solution for sustainable, green living.

I’d like to thank and invite up to the podium Adam Godorov, Director, Land Resources at NV Energy, the award goes to “Atmospheric Monitoring System”

Popular Choice the Popular Choice award chosen by the attendees of the event. Each person may enter the name of the project that THEY feel is the BEST of the BEST! And the Fall 2017 Winner for Popular Choice is “Adjustable Kitchen”

The Grand Prize sponsored by NSTec and ND Harriet Cox, “Adjustable Kitchen” This fully automated linear kitchen counter top system was featured in UNLV’s Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition home, ‘Sinatra Living.