Veteran of the Month




On May 25th, 2018 at the Grant Sawyer Building they held the Veteran of the Month award Ceremony. This month’s recipient was Jeff Detrick. Jeff was a 13-year Army service member and after his service he went to work helping veterans with the transition from service to civilian live. He has worked at UNLV Military and Veteran Service since 2013 where he has helped over 1800 vets. Jeff was nominated by Ross Briant for his ability to help those around him. Jeff’s family was there for the ceremony, his wife, mother, cousin, and even his grandmother from California was there to celebrate with him.

Along with the Veteran of the Month they also acknowledged the Cosmopolitan, Lori Calderon excepting the award, for their work with the veterans and their families in the community with jobs, housing and help with their donations and contributions to the different Veteran Organizations.

Handing out the certificates was Paul Anderson from the Governor’s office of Economic Development.