Veterans Banners in Pahrump


By Cheri Fisher and Su Phelps, Photos by Su Phelps

On April 2nd Veterans and organizers got together in Pahrump to announce the Banners for Heroes program. These are banners that are going up in Nye County with the Pictures of Veterans to honor them. They are free but you do have to submit an application with a copy of your DD214 and be a resident of Pahrump or Nye County. They want to put up around 78 banners.

Ron and Debby Wright were the ones that found the vendor to produce the banners. They are the founders of Veterans Solutions in Pahrump, they help give Veterans by giving them a hand up.

One of the first ones that was put up is for WWII Veteran William R Dailey, he trained under General Patton. He will be 94, and has lived in Pahrump for 20 years, and was married for 68 years. He is very grateful for the honor and said it has been a long time coming.

This project has been in the works for about 2 years. Commissioner Butch Borasky, Bob Irving, Tom Durray, Pastor Ron started this organization to help the Veterans, and it has sky rocketed.