Veterans Home Piano Project


By Cheri Fisher and Su Phelps, Photos by Su Phelps

On May 6th the Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City received a new addition in the form of a New Boston Piano. Cynthia Man organized and made possible the purchase of the new piano for the residents so they can enjoy musical entrainment. Cynthia’s daughter read the message her mother sent to dedicate the event. She said that she wanted to share 3 numbers with them, the 1st was 9, it was 9 months ago that she started the project; 4, she sent out 4 emails on January 22, announcing their fundraising goals. With the help of friends sending the email to all their friends and organizations the community grew rapidly, 10 weeks later they reached the goal.

The dedication ceremony was an afternoon of light refreshments and the David Loeb Jazz Trio breaking in the piano in style.