Veterans of Foreign War Auxiliary


By Su Phelps and Cheri Fisher, Photos by Su Phelps

The National VFW Auxiliary team made their annual visit to Las Vegas on March 19th. Dee Guillory National Auxiliary President, Carol Webster Nevada Dept. President and Linda Wright VFW National Home for Children Jr. Vice President took a tour with Dr. Arnold Stalk threw The Veterans Villages and learned about all the progress that has been going on for the Veterans. Dr. Stalk showed them the New Food Pantry, and the Tiny House Project.

After their tour, there was a reception at the VFW # 10047, where Mrs. Guillory explained the tour that she had been on for the day. They visited the VA hospital and the VA Mental hospital which she praised them on the ways they have designed the facility to protect the Veterans. She also praised the Auxiliary for all their commitment to the community and explained about her history with the Auxiliary.

Carol Webster talked about her experiences in Washington DC at the Convention where she had the pleasure of introducing Charity Hernandez, who was the Jr. Speaker in Washington DC. Charity told of her experiences in DC., and how it has really enlightened her on the history of our great nation. She thanked everyone who worked hard to help her take this trip along with the other young people that had this great opportunity, and how it has change their lives.