Veterans Reporter News Publisher Su Phelps visits The Bridge at Paradise Valley


By: Megan Way | Photos by Su Phelps
“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I’ve been here seven years and I’m gonna stay here for the rest of my life.” from the Bridge at Paradise Valley veteran resident Darryl Fleming. On May 1st, Veterans Reporter News Publisher Su Phelps visited The Bridge at Paradise Valley care home’s veteran residents as a guest speaker for their monthly luncheon and to ask them why they love it there.
Darryl Fleming has lived at the Bridge for over seven years along with fellow resident and Korean veteran Leon Magsico who has lived at the Bridge for six months. They have both served in the Army infantry in Korea, (at the same time too!) and they’re here to tell you that The Bridge at Paradise Valley care home is just “wonderful” to them.
Darryl immediately first told us what his favorite thing at the Bridge was. “Right now, that’s what I like most about this place”, he says while pointing to Lifestyle Director Kelli Reed. Lifestyle Director Kelli Reed says she gets to know all the residents in the home and fills their calendars to the brim with diverse activities for them. “Once I get to know the residents, I create an activity calendar to suit their needs and what they enjoy doing.” Darryl says, “We’re all probably gonna be here the rest of our lives; and she makes all the residents happy; we have everything we need here.” Leon agreed with him.
Darryl continues, “Well there’s two things, the staff and this part of the staff”, pointing to Kelli again, “they are wonderful to us and another thing I like here, are the residents! They’re from all over the world and each one has a separate story and they’re very interesting stories.” Leon says, “The food here is good too, if I don’t like the food, I change places” but there’s a still slight issue for him, “but what I really miss though, is the rice!” Fortunately, his son brings him rice from home.
Leon and Darryl aren’t the Bridge’s only veteran residents though, half of their residents are veterans or military spouses. For their veterans’ residents they also qualify them for the veterans’ aid and attendance program. With the room cost they also provide and offer:
• Three meals a day restaurant style
• Transportation, with a bus and vehicles, from Monday to Friday
• Weekly housekeeping,
• Personal laundry service
• 24/7 care staff on call if needed
• Basic landline service and cable
If you’re interested in the Bridge Paradise Valley (at 2205 East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89119) or would like more information, go to and schedule a tour or call them today at (702) 269-6964