Veterans Village #3 Grand Opening


By Cheri Fisher and Su Phelps

Veterans Village is proud to announce the Grand Opening of Veterans Village #3 which will be on February 14th at 100 S 14th Street at 10 am.

Veterans Village #3 will be an assisted living housing complex that will have 88 beds, full kitchen and medical staff around the clock.

The transitional housing organization Veterans Village is more than doubling its number of units available to keep troubled veterans off the streets of Las Vegas.

The founder of the organization Arnold Stalk told KNPR’s State of Nevada he started it to honor his father, who was a World War II veteran.

“It makes me feel great,” he said, “It’s the conclusion and the beginning of a year long journey to put together this type of project”

The group, which also assists those who did not serve in the military, plans to close Monday on the nearly $8 million purchase of an old apartment complex on north 21st Street. Its 204 units will bring to 376 available for use by those at risk of homelessness.

Veterans Village also has a campus in a renovated motel near Las Vegas and Charleston boulevards. The new building will offer the same services as the first one with one goal in mind, ending veterans’ homeless.

“I don’t believe we should ever have a U.S. veteran that even served one minute in the military be homeless and out on the street and humiliated.” he said.