Vets Help Other Vets in Las Vegas


By Barbara Rodgick

The Vets Helping Vets Support Group ( meets every Wednesday in Las Vegas on the third floor of the IHeartMedia building at 2880B Meade Avenue from 10 to noon. This Group is not affiliated with the VA. Instead, the group is made up of veterans who have successfully applied for VA disability benefits and other forms of compensation. The group, under the leadership of Jericho Gozum, meets with veterans of all ages and branches of service who are in the process of applying for benefits. The goal is to share ideas, information and strategies for successfully completing benefits applications. The group does not fill out or submit applications. They do provide veterans with the information they need to submit a fully developed claim to the VA. Successfully navigating the VA application process can be a confusing as wandering through a maze. It is easy to go down a blind alley and become frustrated. VHVSG can provide much needed direction. In the past four years they have helped over 340 veterans get benefits. There is never a charge for their services. Please contact Jericho Gozum at for more information.