Vietnam Veterans Day


By Cheri Fisher and Su Phelps, Photos by Su Phelps and Ken Hill

The 2nd annual Vietnam Veterans Day was held on March 29th, 2018 at the Memorial Wall at the Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas. The 29th was declared a special day for all of the Servicemen and women who served if a war that was never recognized and very frond upon, until the entire Congress and President Trump passed the bill to honor them.

Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchinson talked about the purpose of remembering the Veterans and the fallen soldiers of Vietnam. He also read the Proclamation from Governor Sandavol which dedicates the 29th of March as Vietnam Veterans Day in the State of Nevada.

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapters 17 and 1076 handed out pins to each Vietnam Vet that was there to Welcome them home.

Brigadier General Bernard stated that he was wonderful that we are finally paying tribute to those who made such great sacrifices for our country.

Bill Olds (ret) Army Colonel, stated that the Vietnam People are very appreciative of all we have done for them, and that he is thrilled that the Veterans are still one brotherhood.

Janet Snyder founder of Society of Military Widows Chapter 34 told of her husband’s experiences after his return from the war and how she wished he was here to finally get the recognition he deserved.

Len Yelinek, Commander Purple Heart Chapter 711, he stated that it was wonderful that the American people are finally recognizing the servicemen and women that served in Vietnam.

Dr. Richard Small (ret) Battalion Surgeon with the 82nd Airborne, quoted his father telling him before he went to Vietnam that “THERE IS GOOD TO BE FOUND IN ALL THINGS. ” He got very emotional in remembering some of his experiences that occurred in Vietnam.

Lt. Colonel Thomas Reyes (ret) Green Barrett, stated after 3 tours of duty in Vietnam and that it wasn’t supported by Americans, they did what they had to do for the country. He is proud to have served and President John F Kennedy presented him his Green Barrett.