By Cheri Fisher, Photos by Su Phelps and Barry Moore

Founded in 1989, by Dennis Warner, Hernan TV Station, and In Sync Productions, World Championship WCK Muay Thai is based in Southern California and is the longest running Muay Thai event in the United States. Championships are held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Beijing and other cities and feature top fighters from the U.S., China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Holland, the U.K., Korea and other countries. Since 2008 the WULINFENG team has been invited to the United States to participate in the event, bringing a better relationship between China and the US through Martial Arts.

This year’s event was held at The Orleans Hotel and Casino on Saturday November 18th

The night was filled with fighters competing for trophies, showing their abilities in the martial arts. The head to head competition was an extraordinary show of the amazing skill these men and women have and the training they have acquired. WULINFENG KICK BOXING CLUB was the outstanding winners for the evening.

There was also a demonstration from the children of Shaolin Kung Fu Chan showing the technics they have learned of the martial arts.

Congratulations to the winners and see you next year for more exciting action.