Daniel (LT DAN) Holman

WHEELCHARRIER is a name I have composed to use as my “Wheel Chairs for Harley” name. The name came about last year when I was fabricating the crutch carrier for my Harley Davidson trike.

Mission: To support the needs of the handicapped riders of America, by supplying and making available 1 wheelchair for each Harley-Davidson Dealership in America.

Purpose: Many handicap riders have no way of carrying a wheelchair with them on their motorcycle. Crutches provide limited mobility and distance within a dealership. A wheelchair provided with each Service Department will provide a solution to a necessary need.

Everyone who participate in this effort needs to pass on how this effort got started and by whom; with my own scenario of WHY.

I was the only legless motorcycle rider in Nevada, now there are many. Due to my needs as maybe, the needs of many others with in the ALR or other motorcycle groups. I have made it a mission of trying to get 1 wheelchair donated to each Harley Davidson Dealer. Anyone with a need that goes to the dealership to have work done on their bike has the added ease with a wheelchair on hand to use. I am only 1 person, but with everyone in other states combined, it can be done.