Youth Leadership Authority of Southern Nevada Devil Pups Informational Meeting

DEVIL PUP OATH: On my Honor, as a Devil Pup, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country. I vow, on this day, to always take a stand for what is right- and to speak out against what is wrong. It is my life quest, as a Devil Pup, to seek my full potential in life. To keep myself physically strong and mentally prepared in their long tradition of Devil Pup graduates. I declare on this day- that I am proud to be an American; this is an honor I do not take for granted. As an American, I will honor and respect my country, its people, its flag and its warriors. Freedom is not free- it is my responsibility.


By Cheri Fisher and Su Phelps, Photos by Su Phelps

On May 5th the Youth Leadership Authority of Southern Nevada Devil Pups held their informational meeting to explain about the summer camp program. The camp runs from May – August, for males and females ages, 14-17. A twelve-week preliminary training and community service program followed by a ten-day leadership encampment held at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. This program will include PT training, community service and life application skills and education.

Youth Leadership Authority (YLA) is a non-profit organization created to encourage and empower teens and young adults, ages 12-21 to become well balanced and self-confident!

Marie Tomao founder and CEO of the YLA encouraged any youth that wants to get involved to contact her at (702)285-4142. Training starts on May 12th at Sunset Park.

YLA has been operating successfully for the past 11 years as Southern Nevada Devil Pups (SNDP) as a volunteer organization. YLA will continue to operate SNDP and will also host a variety of other youth leadership programs to compliment SNDP in order to better serve our youth.