22 Warriors Foundation Every 2nd Tuesday Veterans and Local Business Mixer


By: Megan Way Photos by: Lawrence Oravetz and Su Phelps

On Tuesday afternoon of Oct 9th, 22 Warriors Foundation hosted their Veterans and Local Business Mixer at the Las Vegas Distillery. The real goal of the mixer is to have veterans and local businesses mingle and have a fun, enjoyable night. All the proceeds of the event go to 22 Warriors Foundation. The event was hosted at the Las Vegas Distillery. Las Vegas Distillery is the first distillery in Nevada after Prohibition, which ended in 1933, and the only craft spirits manufacturer in the Las Vegas Valley. The Las Vegas Distillery Family is most proud of being part of the community, making good spirits locally and becoming a unique tourist destination here in Las Vegas and Henderson. Their hospitality and welcoming attitude will make you come back again and again.

Each mixer has a different food vendor catering, this time Hades Grill catered at the event. While everyone was eating brisket, the owners, Derek and Monica also gave a little speech about Hades Grill. What Derek and Monica have created in Downtown Henderson, is a fun edgy place for families to enjoy. Creating a deliciously unique menu, as well as memorable dining experience was the goal. Come see them at Hades Grill (306 S Water Street Henderson, NV 89015).

Chere Pedersen, President of Nevada State American War Mothers and a Director at 22 Warriors Foundation gave a speech talking about the 22 Warrior Foundation, “The mission 22 warriors is about is trying to help warrior suicide… We know that the numbers are going up and up and up.”

The name 22 Warriors came from the fact 22 veterans commit suicide everyday. The 22 Warriors Foundation is dedicated to preventing veteran suicides. They work with organizations like NueroFeedback Clinic to help veterans in any way they can. Like their logo says, “Until 22 Becomes 0”.

She then awarded Britt Butler a Certificate of Appreciation from the Bill Emmil, an Executive Director WSP Foundation for her support and dedication to veterans in our community.

Charles Carte, a Ret US Marine gave out a box of his product, Anxietx.

A few dozen people were there. American War Mothers, Warrior Suicide Prevention Foundation (WSPF), 22 Warriors Foundation and Smoke on Water BBQ Championship invites everyone to come to the next event. Look up “22 Warriors Foundation 2nd Tuesday Veterans & Local Business Mixer” online. They host this event every 2nd Tuesday.