AAPI’s Meet the Candidates Event



By: Megan Way Photos by: Su Phelps

Derek Uehara and his wife Janie organized a Meet the Candidates event on August 28th. There were candidates from all parties and various offices were there to share their ideas and to interact with the general public. Derek Uehara said the hope for this event was for making politics more accessible for the AAPI community and the Nevada general public.

At the event we got to speak to many candidates and people about the issues they care about.

We talked to Steve Sisolak, who is a Candidate for Governor and asked him, “If you get elected, will you still be supporting the veterans?”

“The veterans’ are huge issue to me, unfortunately our veterans are often forgotten they’re at the last of the list. I do work with the veteran’s villages and the various veteran’s groups to do whatever we can to support our veterans.”

Jill MacFarlane, is a Candidate for County Recorder, “What is the most important issue that you care about?”

“I’ve got one. I’m running for County Recorder cause I know there’s a lot of fraud that could go on through records and electronic recordings and things of that nature. One of the things I wanna do in implement fraud alerts to alert the public. In Nevada we’re 1# in the nation for Identity Theft.”

“What would you do for veterans?”

“What I would do for veterans is I would readdress the recording of the DD214 and DD215s. If I get into office, that’s a project, all the social security numbers on any documents that we find are gonna be redacted.”

We also talked to people who were there to talk about their issues to the Candidates. We asked everyone, “What is the most important issue for you at this event?”

Paul Brian, who is a Correctional officer,

“When I saw Mr. Sisolak here thought have a word with him. I wanted to talk to him about some officer safety issues at CCDC. I work there and in the jail we had last year almost 120 assaults on staff and I believe it’s due to manpower being cut at my level. It’s basically an officer safety issue inside the jail. On the floors on one of our towers we used to have 7 officers, now we have 4 and it’s extremely dangerous.”

Pauline Lee is the President of the Republican Men’s Club,

“For the Governorship and for the most of the state the biggest issue for me is property taxes. We gotta keep our property taxes low and what the Dems wanna do is to raise property taxes. As Republicans, we wanna keep the property taxes where they are. We do not want to remove the 3% cap, we think it’s important to our economic recovery. Nevada depends on a strong economy based primarily on people’s discretionary income. It’s so important that we support policies that support out economic well-being and I think it’s important that all Nevadans remember that.”

Hui Lim, the President of CACA,

“I want to make sure that Asians understand what politics is all about and I think they need to learn about the different parties and that they need to get to know each candidates. For many years, many Asians just followed without understanding what politics, what American politics are about. I think it’s very important that we educate Asians in order to understand what American politics is about so that they can vote intelligently.”

Mike Colian Retired Air Force Veteran,

“What are your expectations for the Candidates?”

“There were a lot of good Candidates here, they talked about their issues, they talked about what they stand for. They gave the public a good idea how they’re gonna vote, how they’re gonna treat candidates, how they support veterans and how they’re gonna support veterans villages. I’m concerned that we get the right people in office and I think this is gonna give people a good idea on what they stand for what they expect from their Candidates.”

Derek Uehara said he wanted the AAPI community to be more active politically and this is one of their steps to do so. Not just the AAPI community though, he says, “In the 2016 general elections, 76% of registered voters in Nevada voted, but it was a Presidential election. If you look at all the adults in Nevada and you at the percentage that voted, its 48%. Over half of the adults in Nevada didn’t vote.” The event was a success, there were 400-500 people there. They want to do more events like this one in the future.