Labor Day Weekend Labor for a Great Cause


By: Megan Way | Photos by Su Phelps
Volunteers from Warriors for Life America, 22 Warriors Foundation, Merging Vets and Players and other veteran non-profits from the valley all gathered up at Mt. Charleston at the Healthy Brain Resort on August 31st, 2019 to assist Founder of Las Vegas Neuro Feedback Center Dr. Don Posson continue his dream of finishing the resort to helping veterans and civilians obtain good mental health. The Healthy Brain Retreat is the Mt. Charleston location for the 501(3)(c) non-profit The Las Vegas Neuro Feedback Center. Brain Health Warriors supports research and treatment for wounded warriors, alleviating the effects of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Neurofeedback is a solid, evidence-based option for those who don’t want medication and for those whose medications are not completely effective. Founder Dr. Don Posson says, “Good mental health is all about the chemical electrical balance; We know that when the chemical side is in good balance, good mental health generally occurs. We now know that when the electrical side is in good balance and well connected, adverse mental health symptoms are reduced or eliminated entirely”, It’s not just for veterans and military personal though, “many from the civilian population will want to come up as well.”
So far, Dr Don has been rebuilding this house with the help of volunteers work from the valley for about seven years. After “seven years of ugly” though the resort has been remodeled and now has three stories, with five rooms with 4 bathrooms, treatment rooms, heated by solar panels on the roof, eleven chickens in a chicken coop, and a small garden. Even with after seven years though, the resort isn’t finished yet, plans for a spa, gardening recreational area, a new and bigger chicken coop and yoga area are set.
People like Bill Emmel Founder of 22 warriors and Leland Holgate Founder and President of Warriors for Life came to help see this resort completed to help veterans. Bill Emmel who had been coming to help Dr. Don for 2 years states, “The sooner this is done, the sooner it can start helping people.”
Dr. Posson shows his appreciation for veterans, “Our veterans, god bless every one of them, every vet I’ve ever worked with had such great character has such great honor and dignity and they don’t ask for anything; they’re always giving, they’re always showing up and giving of themselves.”
The one behind inviting all the local organizations was Jahaira Farias Trauma Recovery Yoga Instructor and Warriors For Life America Event Planner. She states, “What he built this facility for is to help veterans combat PTSD, TBI and other disorders, so we believe in the cause and that’s why warriors for life America got involved as well as merging vets and players, 22 Warriors Foundation.” Another volunteer, Founder President of Warriors for Life Leland Holgate says, “We’re here working with Dr. Don and brain health warriors with other veteran organizations to build up this amazing property to help neurofeedback and put veterans back on their feet.
For more information about Las Vegas Neuro Feedback Center or the Healthy Brain Resort go to or contact Dr. Don Posson at (702) 850-0333 or