Tuesday Oct 1st 2019 Sunrise Memorial

Clark County, As Vegas Metropolitan police Dept, co-hosted the event with Clark County Fire Dept, Along with Vegas Strong Resiliency.


By: Hank Dace | Photos by Su Phelps
October 1st—the second anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting—described as the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.
Some hundreds of people attend the annual sunrise memorial, in remembrance of the 58 people killed at the open-air country harvest music festival on a warm autumn night.
Although the audience is smaller this year, emotions still run deep and raw.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak
recalls the memory
“I’ve thought about the moment and I will never forget how the pit in my stomach grew bigger and bigger as I drove down Charleston to get to metro and to UMC
“After the tragedy two years ago today many around the country remarked on the strength of the Vegas community
He Choked by emotions, the Governor “Commends on the resilience of the Vegas community”.
ends his speech with hope. “Beyond the neon signs, we are a city of neighbors that look out for each other.”

County Commissioner Mainly Kirkpatrick
One day I mite get past the inside anger, but not today! It’s important to move forward as a community and help all move forward. Her home, Clark county, that is what we do.
There were many hero’s that night not wanting, hero’s all the same, from giving of their blood, moving victims, to safety, to first responders, they brought food. In closing she thanked each and every one for supporting all the efforts not to forget.

Joe Robbins
He told us about his son Quinton Robbins one of the victims
We all lost our innocence that day. How do I or anyone get past that day? Through community love, support. My son only 20 years old, a native Nevadan loved his home, his friends, playing sports. He gave back as a city employee coaching every sport that he could. He loved to see Kids excel that is what lead to creating the Quinton Robbins Play it forward foundation. I encourage you to help change despair and anger into good
Being compassionate to all our neighbors.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo
In conclusion the Sheriff thanked all that was there, the dignitaries, the special people that came in remembrance of the fallen. He wanted us all to remember the words the that Joe Robbins said, be compassionate to everyone, shake their hand, give them a hug, remember what this Sunrise Memorial is all about.
Thank you all for coming out on this sad remembrances’ day, “Vegas being Stronger.”

Connie Long
She was there from her home in Riverside Calif. she was a survivor of that dreadful night. None of her family was lost all six came and left but now are of a larger family a community at large. She stills remember the day, site, smells the terror, the things her and her family did to help all they could that night. She will never forget that night but with support like this one and more they with other will move toward to that compassion healing for all.