Veterans Treatment Court Graduation



By: Amber Gentry & Megan Way

On September 5, 2019 the Henderson Veterans Treatment Court celebrated two veterans that successfully completed the program.  Matthew Thomas, a Navy veteran, was one of the graduates and spoke of how much the program helped him and that he had not felt a part of something since he got out of the Navy until he entered Veterans Treatment Court. Byron Brooks, Matthew’s VTC mentor says, “I was really honored and proud to be a guide for Matthew” Bryon has spent his 5+ years as a VTC mentor helping veterans make a smoother transition with the VTC program, “For me it’s really important to be able to engage with those who are leaving military service and transitioning; and really being a facilitators and support in terms of paving the roads smoother for some of these folks” Phil Dunleavy, a Navy veteran and defense attorney was the guest speaker. Phil Dunleavy, a navy veteran, and defense attorney, came to Judge Stevens with the idea to start a Veterans Treatment Court in Henderson after reading an article about the first Veterans Treatment Court in Buffalo, New York.