Why do we stand when the National Anthem is played? Student Essay Contest


By: Judith Ariola, President of KWVA Women’s Auxiliary
Under the leadership of Judy Ariola, President, the Rose of Sharon Ladies Auxiliary undertook the project of organizing an essay contest for 5th grade students of Merry hill School on Decatur Boulevard.
The subject of the essays was “Why do we stand when the National Anthem is played?” The 5th grade class of Ms. Nancy Tatum was selected for the contest. Fourteen students volunteered to write an essay of not more then 300 words, receiving no help in framing or writing the work.
Awarded first place to Mark Rozenberg, second place to Evan Larsen, and third place to Maddox Freking. Prizes were awarded to the winning students at Merryhill School on February 20th with a beaming Ms. Roden and Ms. Tatum looking on. Each of the three winners, in addition to their monetary awards, received a certificate and an invitation to read their essay at the rededication of the Korean War Veterans Memorial June 25th, the 69th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. Mark Rozenberg’s winning submission is attached below for your enjoyment.
“We stand for the Nation Anthem in order to show our respect for the people who have selflessly fought and sacrificed themselves in all of the wars that United States has fought both here and in other countries. By us standing we are demonstrating that we will always remember and never forget the soldiers who have valiantly fought, sacrificed, and even given up their lives with honor, bravery, and heroism that few can hope to achieve.
By standing for the Nation Anthem, we not only show respect, but we show patriotism to our country and all of its freedoms, laws, and ideals, Like the soldiers that so gallantly have sacrificed themselves, we promise to protect the United States of America with all of our power, courage, and if it comes down to it, our lives.
I hope that in my lifetime I never have to pick up a weapon and take another human life by fighting in a war. But if it does come down to it and become necessary, I hope that I will be able to do it as well as the soldiers that came before me.
I also stand for the National Anthem for a special soldier that means a lot to me personal, and whom I love dearly. My sister Anna. She was in the Army and got hurt. She had two knee operations and was stuck in bed for a while. Still she got better, found a job, and then later opened up a successful nail salon and Real Estate business here in Las Vegas. To me she is not just a sister, but a hero who has proven time and time again that she can handle anything that this life can throw at her. Just like the great soldiers that came before her. (Written by Mark Rozenberg, 5th Grade, Merryhill School, 2019)”